Welcome to Sacred Heart Parish, Mount Druitt South.

We are a part of the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta in Western Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

If you are new to the Mount Druitt area and would like to become a part of our Parish community, we look forward to meeting you at Mass. Otherwise, please fill out a Parishioner Registration Form below and we will get in contact with you shortly.


Mass used to be celebrated in the Mount Druitt Hall, which is a significant architecturally ornate building built by the Advancement Club in 1925 for community use. It is one of only a few remaining Interwar public buildings in Blacktown.

1959 - The Sacred Heart Church was built by Mr Chris Murphy.

Fr James Page (Parish Priest of St Marys who rode his pushbike around town and drove a silver Citroen) wrote a letter to Cardinal Gilroy asking him if he could bless the newly completed church when he was on his next trip to Springwood. The Cardinal did so on Wednesday 30th November 1959.

During the early years masses were celebrated by the priests from St Marys Parish and, after it’s establishment in 1965, from Holy Family Parish in Emerton. Fr Patrick Archbold, Fr Carl Boes (Schoenstatt Fr), Fr Rod Bray and Fr Denis Foley were amongst these. The latter two lived for a time in a house on Edith St, while Fr Patrick Archbold lived for some time in an A-frame house which he built near the Sacred Heart Church.

1976 – Formation of the Parish and appointment of the first Parish Priest

Fr Tim Crowley was appointed as the first Parish Priest of the newly formed Parish of South Mt Druitt on the 8th of February 1976 and remained in that role until his appointment as the Parish Priest of St Bernadette’s (Lalor Park) in 1979.

1979 – Appointment of Fr Carl Ashton as Parish Priest

Fr Carl Ashton was asked to come out for a week from Holy Spirit Parish in Emerton on the 4th of August as administrator. He was appointed Parish Priest that same year and has remained as such until the current day.  The parish choir was also formed around this time with a prominent early member, a young Mr Chris Wilson, going on to be the long-term choirmaster until 2008

1983 - The Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School opened in 1983, with two Sisters of St Joseph and two lay teachers. Classes for one Kindergarten, one Year One and one Year Two were conducted in temporary classrooms.

The St Vincent de Paul and Legion of Mary (senior and junior praesidium) were established early on. The former closed in 2019, while the latter continues to this day.

2012 - Bishop Anthony Fisher celebrated Fr Carl Ashton’s 50th Anniversary mass with parishioners

2019 - In a partnership with the youth from St Monica’s Parish, Richmond, the parish entered the Diocesan LIFTED youth sports day in September as The Ashtons. Following a blessing after the 9am mass from their namesake they battled all comers in touch football, basketball, volleyball and soccer and emerged victorious.

2020 – The Young Adults Faith Formation group was established and held it’s first meeting at The Hustle in neighbouring Minchinbury in March. Fr Jack Green gave the first talk on Virtue Ethics.

November 2021 – Fr Carl Ashton retired as Parish Priest.

15th November 2021 – Administrator: Mons Ron McFarlane. Deacon Roderick Pirotta appointed as Pastoral Director of the Parish with Fr Florito Apilias as the resident priest of the Parish.


Moving into a new area can be quite eventful, and it is important to find a new church community in which to worship and feel a part of.

If you would like to become a part of our Parish, please fill out the form below. All information we receive from you is confidential and will only be used for Parish purposes. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the Parish.